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Louisiana Eats! produced and hosted by Poppy Tooker, and is heard weekly on NPR affiliates throughout the state.  Each episode takes listeners to the fields and farms, restaurant and home kitchens where the food action is really happening meeting the people who perpetuate the renowned food culture of this delicious place. During the hour long program Poppy also travels outside of her home turf to hear what’s new in the national and international food world.  

Guests include notorious bad boy foodies Anthony Bourdain and David Chang. Brilliant food authorities like Harold McGee. While keeping track of the hottest news from Top Chef Masters Suvir Suran, Mary Sue Milliken and John Currance.  And, hear from award winning authors like Paul Greenberg, and Mark Kurlansky.

Louisiana Eats! listeners get to sample Extreme Cuisine with Jeff Corwin make music in the kitchen with songstress Theresa Andersson and celebrate the birthday of Louisiana culinary legend, Leah Chase. All of this and recipes, cooking tips and just plain fun! No matter where you call home, don’t miss a minute of Louisiana Eats by listening online or downloading shows for podcasting at your leisure!  Download my podcasts from the Podcast page!

Poppy's latest book, Louisiana Eats! gives readers an in-depth, behind the scenes look at Louisiana food producers and personalities interviewed on her popular, NPR affiliated radio show of the same name.  Louisiana Eats! features portrait photographs by David Spielman, revealing faces - some familiar and some, previously unknown who are the subject of each chapter.  
These compelling images are accompanied by amazing stories previously untold, each in an intimate, personal way.  It examines the place that food and race play on Louisiana's tables; champions the growers and food producers who are preserving endangered indigenous ingredients like Creole cream cheese and mirlitons that are vital elements of our culinary scene. Each chapter is also accompanied by recipes designed to entice readers to enjoy a real taste of Louisiana Eats! Books.html